Social Media Tips and Tricks For This New Year

Social Media Tips and Tricks For This New Year

Well, here it is. The Social Media Tips and Tricks of the 2020 era. Turntone has finally arrived and is ready to rock the web. He is the new kid on the block and has carved a niche for himself in the social media arena. Now it’s your turn, to become the new “Turbotone.”


First things first. Read this article very carefully indeed. You see, there are some social media tips and tricks that you need to be paying attention to if you want to maintain that brand of respectability that every successful social media marketer has. That respectability is built or should be built, on your ability to create useful content that people can use and come back to again. Without that, your social media efforts will likely flounder and die out like the latest fashion trend that never really lasts.


Second tip – You’ve heard the phrase “the money is in the list?” If you have, then you’ve seen one social media tip and that is to build a list. In fact, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times before as a marketing tool, so it doesn’t surprise anyone that you should do the same with social media. But what does this mean? What should you be thinking about when you build a list?


It means you need to focus on building relationships first and foremost. This is the most important social media tip of all. That’s because when people trust you and they see that you care about what they think, you can tell them anything and they’ll believe you.


When you build a relationship with people in your niche, they will want to know more about you and where they can find you. When people feel connected to you and see the value in your business, they will be more likely to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ as well as any other social media tip you have to offer. But again, when people get to know you and trust you, they’ll be more inclined to buy from you. This is one of the most powerful social media tips of all.


Finally, if you’re following any of these social media tips for the first time, you may be concerned about how much success you can actually have. The truth is that the number of followers you get is not nearly as important as following some good practices and keeping those followers engaged. So what are some examples of good, social media tips for this year? One is to use Twitter Cards to engage with followers. With a Twitter Card, you can share a direct message with them, which can help them get to know you better as well as show some of your personality.


Another great social media tip for this year is to use Slideshows. In a Slideshow, you can visually show your followers certain pieces of information or a specific action you want them to take. The trick is to use visuals and make your slides look engaging rather than boring or text-based. Some people like to use a combination of visuals and text so that it appears like a mini news report. And then, if you really want to spice things up, you could also throw in some audio.


As you can see, following some of these social media tips for the new year can be effective and fun. Try using Twitter Cards and Slideshows and other visual ways to share information with followers. Just remember that you need to keep your content interesting and provide something new for your followers to listen to or read. This will help you gain more followers this year and enjoy the fruits of your hard work!


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