Widgets For Effective WordPress Website

In this growing world, it is essential to have a command WordPress website with excellent features to beat the competition & get a perfect edge. There is no doubt that WordPress is the most reliable platform to build a strong online presence. Today, most of the websites are powered by WordPress due to its purity and ease of use. Following are the best WordPress widgets.


Authors widget: it’s yet another helpful widget that permits you to attach a listing of writers to a multi-author WordPress website.  You are able to demonstrate the author’s name with their articles links as well as their pictures with the help of this widget.  In addition to this, in addition, it provides the facility to add a link to RSS feed and display articles count. 

Image widget: 

Adding images to the sidebar of your site is possible by putting HTML code in the text widget, but with the help of this widget, then you can add images directly without any code.  In fact, everybody is not familiar with HTML, therefore this widget assists them to add an image without messing with almost any programming.

It allows you to add keywords, meta descriptions and titles.  On-page SEO becomes really easy with the assistance of SEO ultimate capabilities. 

WP database backup widget:

because of the immense popularity of WordPress, it’s by far the most vulnerable platform.  It became crucial to strengthen the security of your website against hacking and spamming risks.  To avoid any issue, it is always advisable to keep a backup of your website.  With the support of widgets and plugins, you can take the copy of your website easily. 

 WP database backup widget will be the very best for both backup and security from malware.  

Google Analytics widget: 

There is a tough competition between every website to appear on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages.  Google Analytics is the best widget that helps you to track the website and gives complete user information through which you may analyse the traffic of your site. 

In this developing online world, it’s required to have a commanding WordPress website with outstanding characteristics to beat the competition & get a perfect edge.  There’s no doubt that WordPress is the best platform to establish a powerful internet presence.  Nowadays, the majority of the websites are powered by WordPress due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Social media widget: We get maximum visitors to our site from social media since more than 75 per cent of users are utilizing different social media networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more.  So, it’s one of the suitable ways to link the website with social websites.  WordPress delivers various social networking widgets like WP Greet Box, Auto Social Poster, Thank me etc. to make the process simpler for webmasters. The primary characteristics of administration are to grant and revoke access to customers and also have complete control over the pages.  Adminimize widget is a great widget with different features.  It is simple to use and must have a plugin. 

Although there are many plugins that are available with all types of widgets possible, still it may be difficult to get that one widget that can add value to your site.  Only, you need to determine the widget that fulfils your own personal and professional requirements.

The WordPress community consistently offers innovative and best solutions which are beneficial to every WordPress user.  Widgets and plugins have been known for maximising the performance of WordPress sites and minimising issues of consumers.  Many expert site design services use different plugins and widgets for superior online presence.  Below is the list of outstanding widgets that helps to expand and enhance the performance of the website.  

Quick chat: it’s the powerful and handy chat platform for your WordPress website.  It’s available with Quick chat widget whereby you can easily begin a conversation work in your site by just adding it to the sidebar of the website.  

Random article widget: With the support of this widget, you can find a convenient method to display random posts on the sidebar of the website, because random posts help to decrease bounce back rate and also encourages users and visitors to stay for a longer period on the website.

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